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The Magic
Of Sharing


Did you know that sharing can be magical? Sofia still doesn’t know, and although she wants to play with her friends at the park, she is not sure about sharing her favorite toy. But just when she comes up with a great idea to solve her dilemma, an unexpected event complicates everything. Can Sofia and her friends save the day? Join them in this fun, heartwarming, and beautifully illustrated story underlined with emotional intelligence to discover true friendship and the power of sharing beyond your toys.”

Oscar & Lili:
The Inventors Club


Oscar is an aspiring inventor, but nothing he puts together ever works. He is starting to think he is not smart enough and is almost giving up on his dream. Then one day, his dog Lili brings him a surprise and he ends up getting his hands on a crazy unique device. Now the last hope to achieve his dream is to figure out how to make his brain stronger and be admitted into the Inventors Club.

Through a fun story full of illustrations that interact with the plot, this book introduces principles of the growth mindset theory to a young audience. It deals with the value of setbacks, and that intelligence, talent, and abilities are not fixed traits, but that can rather be developed through conscious
effort and persistence.