If you are a new resident, you will receive a copy with other documents when you sign your lease. Please ensure that these responsibilities are met so as not to violate your rental conditions. See what types of rentals are available and learn more about our Homecheck service. The Housing Management section contains information about home insurance, tenant admission, rent fraud, pet custody, and what to do if you decide to cancel your tenancy. Wrekin`s leasing team: “Conduct a series of pre-lease checks, including financial audits that have helped us focus on improving sustainable rentals. PTFAs are an important part of our pre-lease assessment process. They help us identify affordability issues and support needs at an early stage. This allows us to work more proactively and support candidates at an early stage. ยป Being a good neighbor is part of your rental. The effect of a few can affect quality of life and here you will find useful information about what counts as antisocial behavior, useful terms and tips on what to do if you have a concern. The Safestart solution validates the applicant and gives Wrekin`s rental team a complete picture before starting a lease. This ensures that Wrekin can create sustainable rentals for its residents.

“The reports show a person`s financial health, including debt levels, CCJs and an easy-to-understand risk score that help us make informed decisions to support our applicants before offering them housing. They allow us to have the right conversations at an early stage. Kylie Anderson, Sustainable Tenancies Manager at Wrekin Housing Group, is responsible for the organization`s leasing system and processes and, most importantly, ensures their rentals are sustainable. To support Wrekin`s leasing work, they implemented the IRM Safestart solution in 2019, which enables pre-lease financial assessments (PTFA) to be conducted prior to a potential lease. In one case: “A new applicant, Mr. X, recently told us that he had no outstanding debt when he asked us for an accommodation. Using the Safestart report, we were able to determine that he did indeed have large credit card bills, which would undoubtedly have affected his ability to pay the rent. With this information, our housing team was able to have an honest conversation with Mr. X and work with him on a payment plan that would be affordable for him and acceptable to us. Wrekin Housing Trust (Wrekin) is an experienced service provider and also provides repair services to other small housing associations, although the head office is in Telford, they have agents working in and around Birmingham.

All their employees will carry ID cards with them. I have a roof that has been leaking for about 4 months. I have reported the problem to the Housing Trust on several occasions. When this first happened, I reported that they had gone out, isolated the electricity and made the area safe. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he immediately reported it to his manager via email and promised to get to the bottom of it. The next day another man came and looked into my loft and found water as it had rained and told me that it could be the roof and that it should be sorted as soon as possible. I received a letter in the mail with a date to repair the roof. A month later, 2 other Housing Trust employees came to ask about the leak. I told them what the last man had told me, that it was the roof that needed to be repaired. They asked to take a look inside my loft and after looking around, they came to the same conclusion.

They said it was the roof, we were going to talk to our manager. We can`t fix it because we need scaffolding. I said OK, no problem and they left. I get another letter saying they would go out in a month to fix the roof. It rained quite a bit this month. The day before they had to go out to fix the roof, I get a text message saying that the roofer couldn`t go out because of illness. It was good because I understand that covid is a serious matter. I get another letter saying that in a few weeks the roofers would come back to repair the roof. That`s how the day comes. I have made sure that the housing trust workers expect them to install scaffolding.

They said, “We had reports of a leak” I say yes, it`s the roof and a few housing trust workers came out and they all agreed it was the roof. The man asks to look in my loft, which I like to do. He says he can`t see where he`s coming from because he was dry. I said OK. They said they would call their manager. So I waited an hour while they were outside. Then it started to rain. The man sitting outside calls me and asks if he can see where the leak is coming from. I say yes.

He goes upstairs and tells me where the leak comes from and how the water gets in. He says, “I need scaffolding because I can`t go to the roof without him and I don`t have enough with me” He apologizes and says it will be settled. So, a few days later, I receive another letter saying that the roof repair will take place in a month. The letter actually contained a repair of the roof. I was assured that scaffolding would be installed and the roof would be repaired, I would wait a month. Fortunately, the rain was not so bad. The day has come and 2 new housing trust workers have arrived. They said, “We came on a leak” I told them that yes, it`s true and that the leak comes from the roof as the previous workers told me. They ask to take a look. I show them where the leak with the stains goes through the kitchen. They ask to take a look at the loft. After 10 minutes, one of the men says he can`t find a leak at all or where she came from.

I tell him what the last man before told me. The water slides over the roof through a cracked brick and comes diagonally into the attic. He kind of ignored me. In their honor, they placed a little sealing on the patches. Which was great, but the roof will always leak. I ask them to tell me what is going on. They tell me you can`t get up without scaffolding. Then the same man who had applied a sealant to the stains told me he couldn`t see a leak, even though I had told him what the other man had told me.

The following rental documents are available for download: Sometimes we simply take a safe and make another appointment with you to complete the repair. We display reviews in chronological order, and you can filter by star count, language, location, or keyword. Learn more about the Trustpilot review journey. Find out what`s available to you, including your right to buy, buy your home and move into your new home. If you need a little more storage space, you can rent garages in Telford and the surrounding area. When the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, many industries were forced to switch to a work-from-home model, including Wrekin Housing Group. While many departments across the country have been disrupted by this unprecedented change, Wrekins` existing work practices have ensured continuity. . Lack of ventilation is the main cause of condensation and can lead to the formation of mold on walls and ceilings and, in extreme cases, on furniture and property. If you cook in pots without a lid, dry wash on the radiators, use an unventilated dryer and bathe with the bathroom door open, you will make things worse. Information on how to avoid condensation can be found on www.property-care.org contractors should treat you and your home with respect, participate if necessary and clean up after yourself. We are open to all.

Reviews are published immediately, without moderation. Wrekin Housing Group operates in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Telford & Wrekin, where a large team of civil servants manages the rental of around 1,100 households per year. Social impact drives the organization forward and the team prides itself on transforming the lives of its residents by channeling social investment to maximize the social value of their services and deliver broader benefits to the community. Kylie describes Safestart`s role in this regard: “Safestart is an online service that means employees always have easy access to reports. We have not experienced any disruption during Covid and teams working remotely, which has allowed our service to be uninterrupted during the lockdown. You will need to let the contractor into your home to perform the service and security check. If you don`t, we will have to take legal action to enter your home. We are responsible for the structure and exterior, the interior, including all services and common areas.

Here are examples of reparations for which we are responsible: What a bureaucracy. I was told that loud music that speaks until 2 a.m.m., barking dogs, is not antisocial behavior. The answer is ridiculous, they realize they are powerless to help, and all they suggest is that I rent privately if I`m not happy. I moved here when they were adults, they were the ones who changed the policy, not me. Why should I be the one stuck here when some neighbors do what they want, when they want. Taking care of your home is a two-way affair between you and us. .