Windows is known as the operating system for laptops and desktops that have been used by consumers and businesses around the world for decades. Windows also operates many ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, industrial automation systems, thin clients, medical devices, digital signage, kiosks, and other fixed-use devices. With Windows IoT Enterprise, you can create these fixed-use devices with specific permissions and restrictions in the license agreement. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers both Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and General Availability Channel (GAC) options, and OEMs can choose which one they need for their devices. Currently, Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is only available as an annual release. For more information about how to contact or purchase a license from a Windows IoT distributor, see Licensing and Use. For complete guidance on all Windows IoT Enterprise usage scenarios, see your license agreement. If you are an end-user customer, your OEM should have provided you with the terms of a contract. If you are an OEM, you can direct questions about your specific license agreement to your distributor. Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC approximately every three years.

Each version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC is its own SKU and includes all new features and support updates included in updates for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise features since the previous version of LTSC. To access these feature updates, a new Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC SKU license must be purchased. For example, to access new security, deployment, and management updates and features released since the introduction of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSC, a license for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC must be purchased and an update applied to the device. Please note that due to the long lifespan of LTSC versions and the advantage of staying on a specific version for 10 years, an upgrade fee will be charged for customers who switch from one LTSC version to another. To start your journey with Windows IoT Enterprise, you need a license. After you purchase your license and receive your Windows IoT Enterprise keys, be sure to get a copy of the Activation Guide. You can obtain this document by contacting your reseller or by accessing it through your Device Partner Center account. You can obtain a license by contacting a Windows IoT distributor or by using the 90-day trial version of Windows Enterprise. For more information about the latest versions of each product and maintenance information, see the Windows for IoT product lifecycle. This set of documentation describes the technical breakdown of the information that is included when you use Windows IoT Enterprise.

This section provides an overview of many of the built-in features of Windows IoT Enterprise devices. . One big change is that Microsoft has now adjusted its pricing model to be processor-specific. Essentially, if you`re using a $100 SBC, you`re now paying a license fee for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise to achieve this. There are three main reasons why customers choose to develop with Windows IoT Enterprise: Mobile Enterprise is specifically designed for mobile devices, tablets, and handhelds smaller than 8 inches and offers less application and appeal in the industrial embedded space, with the exception of some industrial handhelds. The changes in Windows 10 Mobile primarily affect additional features to help IT organizations address various compliance issues. This section describes how to create a lockdown environment with the features of the Windows IoT Enterprise operating system. All Windows 10 IoT products are based on the new Windows 10 kernel, and all versions of IoT Enterprise to IoT Core run the same universal app and universal driver model. Therefore, it is possible to run the same application from industrial devices, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices. Assured Systems is a leading technology company that provides innovative, high-quality application COMPUTing solutions for the embedded, industrial and digital out-of-home markets around the world. With our headquarters in Stone, England, and offices in North America, our reach is truly global. Our impressive product portfolio includes a full range of fanless embedded computing systems, digital signage and multimedia computer systems, touchscreen PCs, human-machine interfaces, vehicle-supported processors: Intel Core i7, Xeon, AMD: FX 7500, FX 9370, FX 7600P Currently, there is an annual publishing channel for Windows 11 IoT Enterprise – for more information, See Windows 11 Maintenance and Windows Product Lifecycle for IoT.

Learn more about device management solutions that you can use with Windows IoT Enterprise. Windows IoT Enterprise is a full-featured version of Windows Enterprise that provides manageability and security for IoT solutions. Windows IoT Enterprise offers all the benefits of the global Windows ecosystem. It`s a binary equivalent of Windows Enterprise, so you can use the same familiar development and management tools as client PCs and laptops. However, when it comes to licensing and distribution, the desktop version and the IoT version differ. Today, there are two versions of Windows IoT Enterprise: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise. .