Note: The only exception is if an error was made in the contract number; If this is the case, a terminated individual file must be submitted to terminate the original contract (with the wrong contract number), and this should be followed by a new original with the correct contract number. 11. In the event that a successor decides to close an inherited account by transferring the balance to another existing TFSA, the CRA accepts two separate files; one to reflect the death of the original account holder and another that reflects that the account is under the responsibility of a new account holder? Will the successor`s account file contain all of the deceased`s information, or will the CRA accept the submission of only one document, with the same contract containing only the estate information? 5. Is there only one registration per TFSA contract? For example, a record may include regular deposits and withdrawals, marriage dissolution transactions, estate or survivor information, etc. Is a TFSA ID required for each transaction? i.e. 111111 policy indicates a contribution of $1,000 on January 1 the 222222 policy indicates a contribution of $2,000 on January 1 The 333333 policy indicates a contribution of $3,000 on January 1 For the January 1 entry on our return, do only the contribution amounts need to be reported or does the CRA also want to include the contract numbers associated with these transactions? Yes, if this is permitted by the terms of the contract. An administrative letter from the Ministry of Finance dated 1 May 2009 recommends amending the definition of “owner” to allow a survivor who is a successor holder to appoint a subsequent successor. Issuers can modify their copies of the TFSA in order to be able to manage contracts according to this model in accordance with the administrative letter. The only situation where you need to use a cancellation to change a previous individual record is when you need to change the contract number or cancel the contract. There can be various reasons for this, such as .

B an incorrect contract number that was originally submitted, or if the credit rating agency does not accept the agreement as a valid TFSA. The contract number is an essential element that is used to specifically process and identify the individual data set. If you were to send a single modified document with a modified contract number, the CRA would not know which individual file should be changed. 9. Given that the credit rating agency requires a declaration under the TFSA account holder`s initial contract, will this be reflected in cra records as well as in the original TFSA account holder, even if it was taken over by the subsequent account holder? Total number of summary records Example: If you were to submit an XML file with five TFSA returns (each TFSA return consists of a summary and all individual records), the total number of summaries would be five. Only one T619 is required for each submission, regardless of the number of TFSA returns in that submission. When submitting a single modified dataset, all unchanged original data from the previous individual dataset as well as modified data must be submitted. Essentially, you send us a new “snapshot” of what the original recording should have contained.

7. Can the successor (who has no other TFSA account) then start contributing to this deceased account contract? 2. What data must be submitted when changing a previous single record? Number issued by a financial institution (FI) to identify a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) contract. 5. Can the successor owner also appoint his or her own successor when the TFSA contract is taken over? 4. For T619 – Transmission of electronic media: Marking of the submission reference: What format or structure does the credit rating agency need? For example, should it be a different number for another year? A sequence? Total number of summary documents: How is this number determined? When opening a TFSA account, an applicant may appoint a successor and, if appointed, the TFSA issuer will collect or store this information in its database. Therefore, if the individual registration is submitted no later than the last day of February of the year following the year of death of the holder, the information to be declared by the successor holder will include the name and social security number (SIN). Therefore, if the individual file is filed no later than the last day of February of the year following the year of death under the name and Social Security Number (SIN) of the successor owner, the name and date of death of the original owner must also be provided. 1. A successor holder may be designated by the original TFSA holder at the time of registration of the contract.

How is this stated in the TFSA`s annual information return? The date on which this particular Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) contract was entered into. To work around this problem, some contracts may be offered to replicate the performance of a fund`s underlying dividend shares without holding any of those shares. However, due to the fees charged by the counterparty to the swap contract, as well as the Fund`s own management fees, its expenses exceed the actual withholding tax payable on the underlying shares if they were to be held directly in the TFSA. [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] A TFSA may hold all RRSP-eligible investments, including eligible publicly traded shares, eligible shares of private corporations, certain debentures, instalment payments, money denominated in any currency, trust investments, including mutual funds and real estate investment trusts, annuities, warrants, rights and options, registered investments, royalties, partnership shares and certificates of title. [17] Q: How do I know what my contribution limit is for each year? 12. . . .